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Summer/Fall Space Available

We have space to enroll toddlers and preschoolers. To ensure physical distance, we are happy to hold tours via Zoom. We'd be happy to show off our school, as well as discuss our hygiene and santization practices.

Parent/Child Playdates

"We are pleased to announce our schedule of Parent/Child Playdates, held on the second Saturday of the month, seasonally. This is a fun time . . ."

Paidea Child Care Video
Paidea program video

We're excited to share our program video!  Click the image above to visit the testimonials page for viewing.


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It's Mine! Teaching Your Child to Share

Jenny had been looking forward to seeing her friend and letting their two-year-old children Abigail andIsaac play together, but the visit deteriorated quickly. No matter what toy Isaac picked up, Abigail grabbed it away shouting, “Mine!” She even pushed Isaac when he turned his back to her to protect thetoy in his hand. Jenny was mortified by Abigail’s behavior. When she contacted us Lynn and I assuredher, Abigail was not being aggressive, but she was being two.

July 11, 2020

4 Strategies to Help You Reduce Stress and Frustration

The demands of being a parent can feel relentless. Frequent meltdowns wear you down, and leave you feeling powerless to stop them, but you are not. Today, Lynn and I offer you four effective strategies to lower stress by preventing some of the meltdowns from occurring in the first place.

June 29, 2020

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I am convinced that Paidea was the best place to have our children from ages 2 through Kindergarten. Paidea’s focus on emotional intelligence is a huge asset that grows children in ways that don’t occur in purely academic programs.

Anna K.


Paidea has been wonderful for both of my daughters! I was very reluctant to go back to work in 2007 and put my kids in childcare but the people at Paidea were wonderful and supportive as they not only provided loving care for my children, but also helped me as I adjusted to this change in life. 

Kris J.


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