Preschool Program

Paidea Preschool Program

Age: 3 - 5 years

Our programs are based on the needs of the children.

Everything we do is the result of a conscious decision based on what is best for the child.

Our Program


Has mixed age group

  • Children stay with teachers for a longer period of time and form close attachments. Strong relationships are necessary for emotion coaching.
  • Research supports aggressive children are not as aggressive, cautious children can be brought out and all children avoid labels and comparison when in mixed age groups.

Has a team teaching model (not aides and assistants)

  • Provides consistency for children
  • Provides support for staff

Uses a Plan - Do - Review process

Children are taught to:

  • think about what they want to do
  • do
  • evaluate 

Provides a consistent daily routine

  • Creates structure for the day
  • Provides predictability which translates to security for the children


Has a balance:
   Indoor / Outdoor
   Small group / Large group
   Child directed / Teacher directed

  • Develops the entire child
  • Supports all temperaments
  • Supports all styles of learning

Offers field trips twice a month

  • Frequent field trips result in safe, consistent, and predictable procedures
  • Provides opportunity to explore larger community

Provides specialist time in the afternoon for all children (art, music, phy. ed., etc.), no additional expenses for parents

  • All children are provided enrichment opportunities
  • Our program is not disrupted with children being pulled out to attend special classes

Actively teaches emotional intelligence, problem-solving, and cooperation

  • These 'life skills' have greater impact when learned at an early age
  • These skils are most significant indicators of school success
    • focus and attention
    • persistence
    • sharing
    • problem solving
    • controlling impulses
    • delaying gratification
    • expressing feelings and needs with words

Integrates cognitive skills into all activities

  • Academic concepts have meaning when they are taught in context of what children are doing
  • Learning is fun
  • Learning is developmentally appropriate

Teaches children self-discipline

  • Children learn to monitor their own behavior
  • Children learn to make appropriate choices regarding their behavior
  • Paidea's 3 rules:
    • Be safe
    • Be kind
    • Be respectful

Offers a summer camp

  • We call our summer program Camp Paidea
  • This provides children in year around care the chance to be at camp
  • Our summer program focuses on camp and nature activities


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